Friday, December 14, 2007

The Week In Review

Last Friday, I went to Tucker's home game and for once, I didn't bubble out!! Actually, I went out one before the bubble!! LOL Early on, I was doing well, catching cards, etc... Then, when we combined tables, I went card dead, and missed when I had a decent starting hand. Finally, I hit a hand or two...then back to missing everything.. I was getting short stacked and picked up a middle pair. Raise! Of course, the big stack of mr. runner runner didn't go away...he re-raised (minimum) and I pushed the rest in. So, it's my 77 against AJ. The flop comes, and I'm still ahead, but mr. runner-runner has a ton of outs....turn...7, ok, trips!!! River....runner-runner hits his flush (again)!!! Damnit!!! Poker is a cruel cruel game!!

After that beating, I was so depressed (not really) that I basically hibernated the rest of the weekend! Actually, I did get out a bit on Saturday afternoon and cleaned out the garage a bit so you could actually park *in* the garage. The Ice that was forecast scared me. :-) That evening, Connie came over and I made dinner and Italian beef for Sunday (and Monday and the rest of the week...yes, it was an enormous roast)and we watched movies and football the rest of the weekend. What better way to spend a Winter weekend than that???

Monday night, I met up with a couple of flickr folks and we took some pictures downtown. It was chilly, but still a good time.
Peoria County Courthouse Square
The courthouse plaza with Christmas lights

Spirit of Peoria
Spirit of Peoria and Bridge

So far, Lily hasn't posted any of the same shots that I posted (the advantage of being the first to post). :-) Actually, between Jason, Mike, Lily and myself, none of the shots are really even close even though we were all within a couple hundred feet of each other the entire time. It's always cool to see what others come up with in the same situation.

Tuesday and Wednesday...not much happened. Work, home, work, home.... Thursday night, was the last day of photography class. :-( So, unfortunately, I doubt you'll be seeing any other corn-poo pictures in the near future. ;-) But, there is another class planned in the Spring that I'm interested...we'll have to wait and see once the schedule is posted.

Tonight is the Jaycees Christmas party. Always a good time!! So, my agenda today includes buying a gift for the gift exchange. I have no idea what I'm gonna get this year. I guess I'll know it when I see it.


gordo said...

I think the corn poo would make a great gift.

Lola Takes Pictures said...

wow these are nice photos. um, i have a similar one of the paddle boat though. *laugh*

My Flock Rocks! said...

Nice pics! One of these days/nights I am going to meet up with the flickr group!

tsheets said...

@gordo - I actually thought of that. If I could have found a fresh ear of corn, I would have done that as a joke! Most people wouldn't have gotten it, but those that did would have died laughing!

@lily / flock - Thanks for the comments. Yes, you should meet up with us! We always have a good time. :-)

t said...

i love the shades of blue in the boat pic!!

and yes, poker sucks. that is all.

tsheets said...

Thanks, t!!