Friday, December 7, 2007

Birthday Weekends

I already wrote about Thanksgiving weekend, which was the weekend before my birthday. It was a pretty good weekend, starting with Wednesday night at the Rec Room, and continuing with Thanksgiving, dinner, new curtains, etc.....

Then, on my actual birthday, I got to work in Macomb at midnight!! yay!!!! Couldn't even go to Math Club that night.

But, the following weekend was pretty awesome! Gretchen took me to see Sugarland here at the Civic Center. Actually there was a group of us....6 chicks and me! Nice ratio, huh?? :-) The show was great and we had a good time. Then, we went to the bar for a couple of drinks and to try to score some autographed stuff, which some in our group did....just not me. But, on the bitches bought me drinks in honor of my birthday, so it's all good!! Thanks bitches!!! LOL It was a great night!

But wait...there's more!!! I also got an LCD HDTV for the computer room and a blackberry cobbler and ice cream from my girl! Those rocked!! The pie was awesome as usual (not such a huge fan of cake) and I just finished the last piece last night. The TV is sweet! It's the first HDTV I've had, and I was shocked at the difference it makes. LCD's are sharper than regular CRT TV's in the first place, and the digital nature of an LCD really shows the shortcoming of regular broadcast programming...but the HD channels are freakin' sweet!

Saturday night, Jeff, Tucker, Toby, and myself all went to Zooks' home game and had a good time. Jeff played well and took first, Tucker 3rd, and I was the bubble boy, which is pretty amazing considering I was 175 away from doing out with blinds being 100/200 (Toby caught up on the river and killed my stack). But, we still had a good time. I ended up making back a few bucks during the cash game, but, ended up down overall for the night. Oh well, cheap entertainment with good friends...or is it the other way around??? hmmmm... :-)

Sunday was spent doing laundry and crap and watching football IN HD most of the day. :-) All in all, a great weekend!


Ang said...

So, you were at the Liberty Pub after the concert. Was it fun? If I come across anything we have left over from the concert, I'll hook a brother up. But really, six girls and you? Ummmmmmm someone had a happy birthday.

tucker said...

You're gonna love your HDTV - it's greate for everything, but especially for sports. I especially like watching college basketball in HD - it's almost like you're there! Just wish the cable company provided more than a handful of HD channels - hopefully they're coming soon!!

Gadzooks64 said...

HD is da bomb.

Even my kids are hooked on House in HD. One told me the other day that regular TV sucks. Haahahha. Spoiled little shit.

Back in my day we only had 3 channels and no remote.... sigh.

tsheets said...

Yup, Ang, Liberty Pub. We had a good time. Heck ya, if you find any "leftovers" I'll take 'em! Happy birthday to me!!! haha!!

The HD Rocks!! Now, I'm wishing that they had more HD channels as well. Maybe after Comcast takes over, we'll get the good stuff!

Yes, Zooks, back in the day, *I* was the remote! Dad didn't have to worry about pushing buttons or anything.... His remote was voice activated! He would just speak the phrase "turn it to channel 3" and one of us kids would go change the TV to whatever channel he wanted. That didn't work so well for me....I guess I was my own remote. haha!