Saturday, October 20, 2007

Peoria flickr Meetup

Last night, a group of people from the Peoria Illinois flickr group got together to attempt some sunset / night shots of downtown. We decided to meet on Fon Du Lac drive.

Unfortunately, the cloud cover that was supposed to be gone in the morning hung around until well after dark. So, sunset was less than spectacular to say the least. But, we didn't let that get us down.

The group leader, Dave Vernon, brought a rather large toy to play with.
The Human Bipod
This thing is enormous!! ...and heavy! In case you're wondering, Dave's "bipod" is Lola Takes Pictures. Unfortunately, none of the shots I tried with it turned out. It was getting fairly dark when I tested it, and the wind was really strong, so even mounted on a tripod and with image stabilization turned on, everything came out blurry.

I did manage to grab a couple of shots that I liked. This one I cropped to a panoramic aspect ratio just for fun.
Nightime Panoramic

After we were done there, a few of us headed downtown to the Civic Center area. I set up to take a night shot of city hall, and after a couple of shots, I thought I'd strike a pose!
The Phoon

Anyway, it was a good time. Oh, and yes, Gordo, I'm following your advise and getting new friends!! Hopefully, I won't get in trouble for not mentioning it when someone gets new glasses or a new shirt. And if I'm REALLY lucky, I won't have to help pay off any of their gambling debts. :-)


gordo said...

It's not a real good idea to follow my advice.

I like the city at night picture.

rlojr said...

It looks like you are trying to run away from law enforcement. What's this about new friends?

Gretchen said...

New friends?!?! Don't you love us anymore...and when did we start taking advice from Gordo? :)

tsheets said...

Damnit Gordo!!!! First you tell me I need to find new friends (several times). Then you tell me not to listen to you!

So, if I am not supposed to listen to you, and I don't listen *now* then I would be listening to you, which is what I'm not supposed to do. But, if I do listen to you, then then you tell me not to.....

I'm sooo confused!!!!! LOL

@rlojr -

I know it's been mentioned elsewhere as well, but can't locate it right off.

tucker said...

hey tim, just follow his advice and don't follow his advice. and hopefully you eluded whatever it was that was chasing you when that photo was snapped. looks like you were going at a pretty good pace!! ;)

gordo said...

I don't even follow my advice.

Bundy said...

The city at night picture is awesome!!!