Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Past Week...

Wow! Another week gone by and I haven't gotten around to posting anything. Not that I haven't thought about it, just not gotten around to it. So, this is going to be a mix of things.

Let's see... Last Friday, after work I went out to Banner Marsh to see what I could find to point the camera at. I ended up with a couple of post-worthy shots.
First, some prairie grass in the sun:
Grasses at Sunset

Next, the skyline and marsh after sunset:
Marsh After sunset

Which brings up something I was just thinking about the other day. Isn't "prairie grass" or those prairie restoration areas just romanticizing what's really going on? The reality of it is, it's a bunch of weeds no one wanted to mow. I think next year I'm gonna get one of those prairie restoration area signs and put it in my yard so I don't have to mow.


Saturday, I just did crap around the house most of the day. Then Saturday night, Went to The Owens' "Fall Bash '07". Drank lots-o-beer and had a great time!

Then, paid my dues on Sunday!! I was feelin' pretty rough for about half (ok 3/4) of the day. However, I still made it to the wings party (as in Buffalo wings....not the Paul McCartney band) Ritter had in honor of Gordo. We had a poker game that afternoon and 15 played, so that was a pretty good turn out! It was a really good game. But, I think Kate still hates me for busting her aces with my 7's (hit trips on the flop)!


Monday, I was finally feeling better (the miracle of sleep)! Being Columbus Day, I didn't have to work, so got to catch up on things around the house. My big (if you can call it that) project of the day was tearing up some of the yard for more garden space next year. It wasn't that much space, but it sure felt like it when I was out in the 90 degree October weather! While out there, I went ahead and pulled up one tomato plant that wasn't really doing anything. While tearing it out, I found a couple of these on it!
Tomato Hornworm 1

It's a tomato horn worm, and they're huge! Survivor man could live for a week of a couple of these!! (note: I don't know if they're really edible)

Well, that pretty much does it for anything new. The rest of the week has been fairly uneventful.


Gadzooks64 said...

Nice pics!

Can you email the prairie grass in the sunset to me?

I love to use stuff like that as my desktop.

P.S Home game scheduled for 10/27 if you can make it. I hope you got that email. Let me know if you didn't.

gordo said...

Beware - He'll take your money and compliment you on how you played.

tsheets said...

naahhhh.....last time Zooks took the money! That's why I got invited back! :-)

Lola Takes Pictures said...

Gawd I HATE tomato worms! We've found some around our yard--and we have NO tomato plants! What gives?

As for the prairie grass sign, could to get one for us too??? The weeds are here are fighting back!

Lola Takes Pictures said...

Hey I forgot to mention that your prairie grass shots are sweet! Good job!

Kate said...

Hate? Me? How funny that you think a woman could still be holding a grudge after so much time has passed.....
As long as you have a lighter, I will always love ya'!