Tuesday, October 2, 2007

401 Water Street

Over at the Peoria flickr group, we have been having some "assignments" lately. The members of the group, in an attempt to generate more traffic / interest, have been coming up with themes or topics to photograph, hopefully, while keeping the overall focus of the group (Peoria) in mind.

One of the recent assignments was 401 Water Street. This was an interesting subject, because with everyone shooting the same building, you get to see how others interpret, approach or envision the same subject.

I had an idea in mind, and it was similar to several other entries (but there were several completely different perspectives submitted as well), except I knew I wanted to use a ultra-wide angle for the perspective.

Here is my first attempt:
401 Water Street

This is what I was going for! Dramatic shot of the sculpture in the foreground, with 401 Water Street (including the illuminated water tank) in the background. The colors popped, exposure wasn't bad, and the sculpture definitely grabs your attention. (click the photos for a larger version)

But, I still wanted to try something more. So, I made a second visit. This time, my goal was to get a similar shot compositionally, but do it a little earlier at night during "the blue hour". By the time I got set up, it was actually a few minutes late, but, there was so much cloud cover that there wasn't much of a blue hour anyway. Since I'm here, I might as well snap a few.

401 Water - revisited

In an attempt to try something different, I processed this one a bit more radically. I ended up desaturating all the color channels except yellow, then faded the desaturated layer slightly to let just a touch of color come back through.

I thought it added an interesting twist. You can focus on the textures, and still have some color to add interest as well, but not steal the show. I also like the blotchy sky...I think the nearly monotone blues/blacks leading into the darkness adds to the mood.

I have been thinking of yet another attempt and trying a few other ideas. This type of assignment was perfect...some boundaries, but not restrictive.


tucker said...

if you need the sculpture saturated with some more yellow, just let me know!! :)

Bundy said...

Cool pictures!! If I didnt see the 401 on the tower, I wouldn't have recognized them as being right here in downtown Peoria.

BTW - did you hear Sugarland is coming to the Civic Center in Nov?

Kate said...

Great pictures! I wish I could see this town the way you see it sometimes. Who would have thought Peoria could be so elegant?!

tsheets said...

@tucker - Feel free! All I ask is that you let me know when you plan on adding more yellow....so I'll know to avoid the area at all costs!!!

@bundy - Thanks! Yes, I did hear Sugarland will be coming here. It was a great high-energy show at the state fair. Haven't decided yet if I'll try to go again (and they probably won't let me take the camera if I do go) :-(

@kate - Thanks!!

Lola Takes Pictures said...

these are really cool, tsheets. you've got a great eye and some good PS knowledge. :)

tsheets said...

Thanks, lola! Though I think more of the latter than the former. :-)

sonyart said...

are u a photographer?
or a play-along amateur?

tsheets said...


Gretchen said...

Great Pics! Sugarland?! November>! I'm game if you are :)