Thursday, September 18, 2008

More Flood Pictures

Here are a few more flood pictures from Thursday. The water had risen quite a bit since Wednesday evening. Benches and trash cans that were at least partially above water were completely submerged.

There were a couple of guys kayaking around which looked like a fun and unique opportunity. They put in at the corner of Main and Water streets, paddled through the parking lot under Old Chicago and up and down the "sidewalk".
Kayaking On The Sidewalk

The clock tower at the base of Main Street
Peoria Clock Tower

The Walkway to Old Chicago was still accessible. But, the water was notably higher than it was Wednesday evening.
Old Chicago Walkway

With the water still rising, I will likely be back tonight and/or tomorrow to see what changes there are.


Jennifer said...

I love the clock tower picture!
Thanks for coming to the blogger bash last night. It was so nice to see a new face.

tsheets said...

Thanks!! It was a good time at the blogger bash. I also wanted to meet some of the names see on an almost daily basis. :-)

Anonymous said...

I just came across your blog and I love your photography work. I work for the Landlord of Riverfront Village (the home of Joe's and Old Chicago)and I'm amazed at how beautiful your Photos are. Every time the river comes up above 24 feet we set up the scaffolding to try and keep the restaurants open as long as possible. Once the water covers the tracks though we have no choice but to close down. Thanks for making an ugly situation look beautiful. -Erin