Sunday, November 18, 2007

Street Photography and Landscapes

A group of us from the Peoria flickr group got together over lunch one afternoon for some street photography. Not my normal thing, but, thought it'd be interesting and I got a few shots that I liked. Most were not really what most people consider street photography, but, it's all good!
First, one that *is* pretty much street photography. The mother - son team at the Haddad's cart.

Then, as we moved on, I took this quick grab of the Commerce Bank Building.
Gothic Bank
I really liked how this turned out with the dark and monotone(ish) look.

A bit later, we ventured into City Hall and while trying to figure out how to get an interesting picture of the different floors and dome, Lola Takes Pictures thought the best perspective was from laying down on the floor!
Lying Down On The Shot
You can see the reflection of what she was going for in her sunglasses, and the shot she got can be seen here.


The assignment for this week of digital photography class was landscapes. Of course, this assignment came just after the daylight savings "fall back", so it's pretty much dark by the time I get out of work, leaving very little opportunity for anything other than night shots. I did get the chance to go out for a while over the weekend, so ventured out to Glen Oak Park. Luckily, there was still enough of the Fall colors left to make an easy task of find some cool shots.

First, one of the lagoon:
Lagoon at Glen Oak Park
I got lucky with a brief break in the clouds to throw some light on the trees across the lagoon and really make the remaining colors pop!

I also found this scene along one of the paths leading to the lower Glen Oak Park area. I really liked the close up perspective of the near steps as they lead up the hill.
Stairs In The Woods


This week's assignment was a "grab bag", where we were assigned a random object that we are to use in interesting or unusual compositions. I'm still trying to figure out what to do with my subject....I have a couple of ideas, now it's just a matter of pulling them off.


Angie said...


Lola Takes Pictures said...

Hey your people pictures turned out pretty cool. That pic of me is hilarious. I like how you tied it into the pic I got. Thanks for the link, btw. :)

Your other pics are awesome as well. I think you've really grown as a photographer this last month.

tsheets said...

@ang - :-P

@lola - Thanks! No problem for the link...your blog rocks!

t said...

i love photographing stairs- the perspective can be very interesting.

purdy pichers :)

tsheets said...

Thnaks, T!