Thursday, November 8, 2007

It's been 9 days....

..since the last update, and I've been nudged with the 'you need to update your blog' again. I've been meaning to update for nearly a week, just haven't gotten around to it. But, once again, one of my (2 or 3) faithful readers has stepped up to keep me on track. :-) I'll break this up into several short posts based on subject / time lines rather than one monster post covering everything.

So, roll back the calendar to the beginning of the month. In Digital Photography Class, the assignment was dealing with light and shadow. I did the assigned study of shooting the same thing, from the same location at various times of day. The point being to see how differently things can be in different colors / angles of light. The shots were illustrative, but, nothing exciting to post. I did have one shot that was ok. Still could use some work, but it was a quick edit for class and I didn't save all the steps, and don't really feel like starting over at this point.
Brick Wall

The assignment for this week is 'details'. More on that later.


t said...

i thought you were gonna say it had been 9 days since you saw me!! but it's been longer than that really, and it shows. :P

hey are you using photoshop yet? you could put some killer filters on that pic - i might steal it and show you if you arent using photoshop yet.

if you are using it, go play w the filters.

Lola Takes Pictures said...

ha! glad the nudging worked. beautiful shot btw. and you're right about the comment on my pic. i knew something was off but couldn't figured out why.

tucker said...

hey i read your blog too (well i look at the pictures anyway - does that include me in the 2 or 3?)

tsheets said...

@t - Yes, more like 2-3 weeks. :-) This shot is pretty heavily edited. If you follow the link, there is a more 'normal' version. I don't often play with the filters, but, once in a while I see what I can come up with using them. Mostly just color balance and curves types of things, though.

@lola - thanks for the nudge and comment on the pic.

@tuck - ok, maybe I have 3-4 readers/lookers! LOL

themightyquin said...

Tim I am also a faithful follower of your blog. I do just the opposite with your blog as I do with Playboy. I browse your blog for the pictures and Playboy for the articles.