Monday, April 28, 2008

More Starved Rock

In my last post I mentioned more Starved Rock pictures... I know you all are probably turning blue by now waiting for these to be posted. So, here they are. You can breathe easy now!! :-)

Here are some pink flowers. Not sure what they're called...
Pink Flower

...and a freshly popped Mayapple
New Mayapple

A Waterfall in Wildcat Canyon
Wildcat Canyon Secondary Waterfall

Finally, another shot from St. Louis Canyon
Forest Floor and Bluff


Anonymous said...

Whew! That gave me one hell of a buzz!

Nice shots!

tsheets said...

Hey! Put that mushroom back in there!! LOL

My Flock Rocks! said...

Once again...awesome pics! I have to get out and take more pictures!

Lola Takes Pictures said...

tim these are awesome! i LOVE the pink flower one. very nicely done--but i expect no less from you.

tsheets said...