Friday, January 25, 2008


For the first time, one of my pictures was actually published in a real print magazine!

A couple of months ago, I was contacted right here through my blog by Jonathan Wright of Peoria Progress about using a picture I took of the LST-325 while it was docked here in Peoria in late August - Early September.

This is the shot he was interested in:
LST 325

The new edition just came out and you can see it in both the print and web versions. I am listed with all the other photographers in the front of the printed publication.

Oh, and here's the direct link to where my shot appears in the web version. And here's a link showing where you can pick up the print version.

Anyway, it was exciting for me, since I consider photography a hobby. :-)


Anonymous said...

That is awesome about your picture being published. You have some amazing photographs.


P.S. You can't say that I have nothing to say now.

Gadzooks64 said...


Great pic!

Nice score!

Conniebury said...


tucker said...

that's sweet! now i can say i know somebody famous

Kate said...

That's awesome Tim!

tsheets said...

Thanks, everyone!!!

Whoo hooo!!! I finally got a comment from Mary!! :-)

Jeff said...

Congrats Tim, That is awesome

lola takes pictures said...

wow! that's GREAT!! ride the wave and enjoy the feeling for as long as you can! hope you get that honor again real soon. :)

Bundy said...

Congrats Tim! You're published - fame can't be too far away. Maybe I should have been lobbying to get mentioned in your blog instead of Angie's.... LOL.

tsheets said...


@bundy - No, Ang is way more famous than I'll ever be!

jdw23 said...

Hi Tim,

Thanks for letting us use your excellent photo! Feel free to contact us in the future if you have some interesting photos you'd like to submit for publication.


Jon Wright
Central Illinois Business Publishers