Tuesday, August 21, 2007

State Fair: Martina McBride

This past weekend I got the chance to go to the Martina McBride concert at the State Fair in Springfield (Not DuQuoin...yes, Illinois has two "state fairs").

So, we get to the fair about an hour before the show starts and have a chance to walk around... First stop, the butter cow!! Yes, you heard me. If you aren't aware, every year, there is a gigantic cow sculpted out of butter in the dairy barn. This has been a tradition for 85 years! On one hand, it's pretty amazing what they come up with out of butter, but on the other hand....Why???

After the butter cow, Corndogs and lemon shake-ups were in order (can you go to the fair without getting *something* on-a-stick??). A brief session of people watching and we headed in for the show.

Martina was awesome!!! I had seen her before, and would see her again! That girl can sing!
She's just as good live as she is in the studio. She sang pretty much all the favorites, including a few from her newest CD. As she left the stage, we were wondering what she would do for an encore. In my limited experience, it seems that artists save their most popular / signature song for the encore, but, she had sang pretty much everything we could think of.

When the band retook the stage, the guitarist started with a rockin' solo more reminiscent of Van Halen than anything "country". This was cool, yet unexpected. Then, they busted immediately into "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey! Martina freakin' NAILED it!!! No, really, if you didn't know better, you would have thought Steve Perry took the stage! When they finished that, they hit another cover...Pat Benatar's "Hit Me With Your Best Shot". Again, a great job! I had seen this on an episode of CMT's Crossroads, and thought she did exceptionally well then. It was a great song to end the night...Fun, upbeat, and just a little different. As I said, I'd definitely go see her again!

More Martina concert photos


Kate said...

Why a butter cow you ask? Why not. What else are you going to do with 500bs of butter - wait, PLEASE don't answer that one. If you find Martina singing Journey out there to download, let me know. The pictures turned out great, except the butter cow IS missing.

gordo said...

I had high hopes of seeing Aspen & Wilma with the butter cow.

tsheets said...

I tell you what...

You bring the butter-cow and get Wilma and Aspen to Rock The Boat next year. And when the butter starts to melt, we'll figure out what to do with 500lbs of butter! ;-)

Guilable Friend said...

Wait just a minute. Lots of Martina pictures - someone really good friend must have lugged in a couple of backup cameras for you to get all of those! But where are the Sugarland photos? Was the friend on Sunday less guilable or just smart enough not to bring a big ol' purse?

tsheets said...

@gullible - I had a backup camera plan Sunday as well, though, after knowing how well the 'no cameras' rule was enforced (NOT), we left it in the truck. :-) Sugarland photos will be posted eventually. After a quick sort, I flagged over 70 shots as candidates for processing/posting. Obviously, I need to weed that down to a reasonable number. :-)

tsheets said...

Actually, tell you what...I'll post the first sample for you. :-) Give me a couple minutes.